Boise Idaho Properties

Boise Idaho Properties


Snake River Ranch

Property is located:1085 acre ranch on the Snake River and Highway 78, Melba, Idaho
Snake River 42

Property is located:42 acre commercial raw land located on Highway 78 and the Snake River, Melba, Idaho
Rim Ranch

Property is located:155 acres located on an elevated bluff overlooking the Snake River in Melba, Idaho
Lake Lowell 37

Property is located:37 acre farm located next to Lake Lowell in Nampa, Idaho
Can Ada 108

Property is located:108 acre farm located in Melba, Idaho
Canyon Road 147

Property is located:147 Acre property South of Warren Spur Road on Canyon Road. Melba, Idaho
Bluff Ranch

Property is located:198 acre farm located on a bluff in Melba, Idaho
Chicken Dinner 77

Property is located:77 acre farm located near the Snake River in Caldwell, Idaho
Hardtrigger 72

Property is located:72 acre ranch property located in Owyhee County, Idaho
Stagecoach Ranch

Property is located:833 acre farm located in Nampa, Idaho